Welcome to granddog...
Let's create a brand your customers will love.
why granddog?

granddog is unique... a specialist creative studio where the owner of the business is the creator of the work and serves as the primary contact for every client. This means you get the top dog working on your business, which reflects our belief that great creative cannot happen without passion, intelligence and above all - personal commitment.

A loyal companion to a diverse range of clients, our portfolio of work spans 3 decades. We are proud to provide creative solutions for all businesses, no matter if you are a one-man band just starting out or a big corporate that has been in business for a while.

Granddog sniffs out what it is that makes your business or product great and we don't bark and make a noise without actually adding value to your business.

As a collective we can help in the following areas :
Marketing - Campaign Development & Strategy Logo Design & Branding
Advertising - Print, Digital and Motion
Website Design & Digital Marketing

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What really gets granddog's tail wagging is helping businesses sell more through effective design.

To help businesses find their BARK!

Dogs' BARK to communicate... at granddog we like to take a bite, sink our teeth into your business and work alongside you to develop a better understanding of not only your business, but who you are and what it is you are trying to achieve!

We do this by partnering with you and providing a creative, strategic and effective solution to help your business communicate its unique BARK.
what exactly is your business's BARK?

How does you business's BRANDING look? Is it dated? Is it relevant to your industry? Does it represent your business? Does it represent your core ideals and vision for your business?
Are your prospective customers AWARE of your business? Are you approaching the correct markets to get the best AWARENESS for your business? How are you creating this AWARENESS?
Being in business is all about cultivating RELATIONSHIPS, not only with your existing and prospective clients, but also with your suppliers and your staff. How is your RELATIONSHIP with this community of stakeholders?
Is your branding CONSISTENT on all touch points? Is your logo the same on all communication from business cards to brochures to digital platforms? Is your message clear and CONSISTENT?

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Your BARK defines what you stand for as a brand... It is the promise you make, the personality you convey, the entire experience people have with your company, product or service... And while it includes your logo, colour palette and slogan, those are only part of the elements that convey your brand... Your brand lives in every day-to-day interaction you have with your market

So does your BARK just add to the noise? Or does your BARK get attention?

We have worked with Mark from Granddog for the last few months and highly recommend his services. He is passionate about designing a concept that is right for your business. Mark provides excellent quality work and customer services. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with Granddog in the months and years to come.

Marketing Manager
Universal Electro-Tech
Mark does all of my design work and it's exceptional! He's fabulous to work with, extremely professional and nothing is too much trouble.

I would highly recommend granddog to anyone seeking creativity in design.

Justified Marketing
Mark at granddog was fabulous to work with - he took the time to understand my business and create a completely customised branding suite, with great communication along the way. He showed initiative in his designs and also listened to my needs.

Mintox Media
the process

As much as granddog values the importance of creativity, we equally, value the role that sound strategic thinking plays behind every solution to our clients problems. One without the other will only solve half the problem... and solving half problems is not what we do.

To effectively communicate to your intended audience with the right message is what brings our clients success, and to do that we follow the DOG process:
We begin our process by asking questions? Questions about you, about your business, about your goals. But don't worry if you don't have all the answers, we work with you to discover these unique insights that will set you apart.
Next, we take ownership of these insights and discoveries and use our creative skills to build ideas, develop campaigns, formulate your communications and deliver a branding solution based on sound strategic thinking.
This last stage it is all systems go! We finalise the elements that are needed to deliver the best solution for your intended audience... be it a new brand identity, a new website or a fully integrated marketing campaign.
guiding principles

It is said... a dog is man's best friend... At granddog, we believe our guiding principles make us who we attain to be:
What really gets our tails wagging is being able to explore our creativity and generate ideas that solve our client's problems and bring them success in their business.
Our attention is constantly focused on you, our clients... making sure that we are working together to create your success. What we do, we do with confidence and passion, but more than anything we do it with pride.
We will be at your side, at all times... as your partner in business, and as a caring companion when you need.
Like all the good dogs, we listen... intently... in order to really hear you and take a disciplined approach to solving your problems.
As your loyal partner, we travel with you on both the journey of discovery and the road to success.

Wealth is not only measured in financial terms,
wealth is also measured in moments and what those mean to you.

Apparently you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
Thankfully we don't do tricks... But we do constantly learn and evolve.
Whatever it is that you do, both for our clients and for ourselves we do consistently and adhere to these principles.
who is granddog?

As we all know... dogs love to please... granddog is no exception, we pride ourselves on doing the best creative job in everything that we do, whether that be a logo for your new company, a re-brand for your existing one, a flyer or brochure to showcase your products or a strategic marketing solution to boost your business opportunities ... We understand what your business means to you and we want to be that loyal canine that travels with you on your journey... Wherever it may take you!

We like to take a bite, sink our teeth into your business and work alongside you, to develop a better understanding of not only your business, but who you are and what it is you are trying to achieve! We do this by partnering with you and providing a creative, strategic and effective solution to all your marketing needs.
granddog - Design & Branding is headed up by Mark Hansel. "With over 30 years' experience in the advertising and design industry, working both internationally and locally for a diverse range of clients, I am able to provide a creative solution best suited to your particular business. Though my passion is focussed on the creation of great brands, I also draw on my extensive marketing experience to provide, not only a creative solution to your branding needs, but also a strategic solution built on a solid marketing understanding. I want to work with people that inspire and challenge me and be that collaborator that travels with you on your journey... Wherever it may take us!"
Housed in the granddog kennel, is a pack of specialists with expertise in: Copywriting, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Website Design, SEO and AdWords, 2D/3D Motion Design, Photography and Videography. We utilise this collective to communicate your message to your target audience and create a brand your customers love and trust.